Security Staffing Request

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It is understood that the work to be to done must be coordinated through the Police Department of the University of North Texas at Dallas. Appropriate arrangements will be made to ensure that each officer is properly equipped and informed of his/her duties and responsibilities, as related to the event. It is understood that the officer(s) working the event will remain under the supervision and control of the University of North Texas at Dallas Police Department. Any questions should be directed to Lieutenant Jakim Williams at (972) 780-3019.

Compensation for Police Department staff officers, if applicable to event, will be paid by the sponsor of the event at a rate provided by the Police Department admin, in accordance with UNT Dallas Policy 5.018 Compensatory Leave and Overtime guidelines for 1.5 compensation hourly rate. It is understood that each officer working the event will be compensated for a minimum of four (4) hours. If hours in excess of four (4) are worked, compensation will be for the actual hours worked.