Reporting a Crime

Individuals should immediately report alleged criminal actions (including sex offenses) or emergencies that occur on or off campus of the University through any of the following means:

For Emergencies:

Dial 911 on campus, or any emergency telephone located throughout the campus. Emergencies include any crime in progress, medical emergencies, a person being forced into a vehicle, a strange car repeatedly driving in the same area of campus, any intoxicated person, a safety hazard, or any situation that you believe is suspicious or dangerous. Individuals with hearing impairments should dial (800) RELAY TX (TTY).

For Non-Emergencies:

  • call campus police at (972) 780-3000 or personally visit the UNT Dallas police offices located in Founder's Hall
  • use a marked emergency telephone in locations throughout the campus (the phones are distinguished by a blue light on a tall pole marked “Emergency”)
  • contact an officer in uniform on patrol
  • request that any campus official assist with reporting the alleged crime
  • TTY callers: (800) RELAY TX 

Campus Crime Authority

You are encouraged to report alleged crimes by using the above means; however, there are campus officials to whom you may also report a crime who have significant responsibility for student and campus activities, but do not have significant counseling responsibilities. These officials include all deans, directors, department chairs, and administrators at the Associate Provost level or higher. For names and numbers of such officials, please use the University Directory or call the University operator at (972) 780-3600.

Campus police will review reports of alleged criminal activity and either send an officer immediately or refer the report for subsequent investigation, depending upon the nature and seriousness of the offense involved. Individuals reporting an alleged crime should attempt to preserve evidence that might prove the crime was committed. All criminal incidents are investigated by campus police. Campus police response(s) include, but are not limited to:

  • immediate response to emergencies through dispatch of one or more officers; 
  • investigation of reports in accordance with procedures; 
  • arrest and filing of charges, depending upon the circumstances of the incident; 
  • referring alleged offenders to appropriate campus agencies, such as the Office of Student Life & Success; and 
  • making timely warning and reports of crimes that represent a continuing threat to students and employees. 

Timely Warning

UNT Dallas provides timely warning to the campus community by posting crime awareness alerts when a crime is considered to represent a continuing threat to students or employees.

Based on the circumstances of the crime alert, bulletins are sent to campus and local newspapers, posted on campus bulletin boards or other appropriate locations, and sent out on campus e-mail and through the Jaguar Alert System (if deemed appropriate by authorized officials).