Policy and Guidelines

Definitions (4.0)

  • (4.1) University–the word "university" in this text will refer to the University of North Texas at Dallas located in Dallas, Texas. 
  • (4.2) University Property–includes all properties owned, leased or otherwise under the control and jurisdiction of the Board of Regents of the University of North Texas at Dallas located in Dallas, Texas. 
  • (4.3) Campus Area–refers to all university–owned or controlled property within the confines of the Dallas campus.
  • (4.4) Visitor–is defined as anyone who is not enrolled in classes or works for the university, and who is NOT otherwise affiliated with the university in any way. Visitor permits are issued from the Parking Services. Visitors are limited to two free permits per school year. Subsequent permits are sold in the Parking Services for $5.00 per day.
    • (4.4.1) These permits and spaces are not to be used by students, faculty or staff members of this university. UNT Denton staff and faculty may obtain and use these permits and spaces at no charge when visiting the Dallas campus. Questions regarding visitor permits should be directed to (972)780-3022.
    • (4.4.2) Anyone attending a seminar at the university should purchase a conference pass. These passes are sold for $5.00 per day, $20.00 per week or $35.00 for two weeks. 
  • (4.5) Motor Vehicles–include automobiles, buses, trucks, motorcycles, motorbikes, motor scooters, and all–terrain vehicles. Public Safety and University Vehicles are exempt from this policy.
  • (4.6) Other Vehicles–are defined as any mechanism or device that can be used for the transportation of passengers or cargo. This definition includes, but is not limited to: bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, in–line skates, wagons, and sleds. 
  • (4.7) Parking Permit–is defined as any sticker, hang tag, or emblem authorized or issued by the University Parking Services. 
  • (4.8) University Holiday–is defined as any day, except Saturday or Sunday that the university administrative offices are closed. For example: Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Years Day. Days between semesters are not university holidays.  

Parking Authority and Control (5.0)

  • (5.1) The Texas Education Code provides authority to the University of North Texas System to regulate parking.  The University of North Texas System Board of Regents has delegated this authority to the President of the University of North Texas at Dallas pursuant to UNTD System Regent’s Rule 11.800. 
  • (5.2) The President determines parking permit rates and establishes fine amounts for violations.  The President has delegated authority to the UNTD Police Coordinator to establish parking and traffic regulations provided for their enforcement, and to operate the parking program. 
  • (5.3) UNTD Parking Services or Police Department employees are authorized to close or otherwise restrict parking in specific parking lots or locations for construction, maintenance, special events or other appropriate reasons necessary to accomplish institutional requirements. 

General Information (6.0)

  • (6.1) Speed Limit and Traffic Regulations: The use of campus sidewalks
Lost/Stolen/Exchanged Permits
Parking Defined
Parking Lot Enforcement
Miscellaneous Information Speed Limit and Traffic Regulations:
    • (6.1.1) The speed limit for all vehicles in a parking lot is 10 MPH.
    • (6.1.2) The speed limit for all vehicles on all streets through campus is 20 MPH. 
    • (6.1.3) All persons must comply with all applicable traffic laws while on university owned streets, including but not limited to vehicle registration requirements, inspection, financial responsibility, and laws regulating the movement of vehicles and pedestrians. 
  • (6.2) The use of campus sidewalks by unauthorized vehicles is prohibited (motor vehicles & other vehicles including bicycles, roller–blading, skateboarding and Segways). Authorized university vehicles may use sidewalk and other appropriate areas for repairs and emergency operations.
    • (6.2.1) The UNTD Police Coordinator may designate approved routes, speed limits, and restrictions for service and delivery vehicles.
    • (6.2.2) Vehicles shall not be operated on university sidewalks for the 10–minute period before and after class change time.
  • (6.3) Lost/Stolen/Exchanged Permit
    • (6.3.1) In the event that a permit is lost or stolen, a replacement permit will be issued for $25.00.
    • (6.3.2) When buying, selling, trading vehicles, or replacing a windshield, the permit must be removed and pieces of the entire permit must be brought to the Parking Services for exchange, or you will be charged a replacement fee of $25.00. 
  • (6.4) Parking Defined 
    • (6.4.1) Responsibility for finding an authorized parking space rests with the motor vehicle operator. Vehicles must park within a defined space. A space is defined by two (2) parallel stripes, by wheel stops or by parking meters at the end of the vehicle. No part of the vehicle may be on or over a line or other such space delineators.  Any vehicle parked parallel on a roadway must face the direction of authorized traffic movement. Vehicles that do not fit in a single designated space must coordinate their parking with the Parking Services.
    • (6.4.2) Parking a vehicle in any place that will create a traffic hazard or obstructs access is prohibited.
    • (6.4.3) Parking in fire lanes is never allowed, unless directed by a University Police Officer. 
  • (6.5) Parking Lot Enforcement 
    • (6.5.1) Parking lots are enforced when the university is open. 
    • (6.5.2) Yellow curbs, handicap spaces, fire zones, motorcycle and bicycle zones are enforced 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 
    • (6.5.3) Service Vehicle Spaces and Loading Zones are enforced 24 hours, seven days a week. 
  • (6.6) Miscellaneous Information
    • (6.6.1) Parking privileges may be modified at any time when necessary for safety, security, or traffic control reasons.
    • (6.6.2) Students are responsible for changes in their address, phone number, etc. and must report all changes to Parking Services immediately.
    • (6.6.3) If a disabled vehicle is parked in violation, the owner/operator of the disabled vehicle must notify the Police Department immediately for arrangements. Otherwise, owner/operator will be held accountable for any citation(s)/ impoundment. Vehicles found with no identifying numbers visible are subject to impoundment.  Non–operational vehicles must be removed from campus within 24 hours. 
    • (6.6.4) Recreational vehicles, semi–trailers, buses and similar vehicles are prohibited from overnight parking on campus unless prior arrangement sare made with the Parking Services. 
    • (6.6.5) UNTD Parking Permits are issued to cars, vans, pick–up trucks, and sport utility vehicles only. Use on recreational vehicles is prohibited unless in accordance with 6.6.4. 
    • (6.6.6) Car Covers must have a special permit attached to the cover with a weatherproof pocket or some method for permit to be visible under all weather conditions. 

Permit Information (7.0)

  • (7.1) Permits are sold or issued on a first come first served basis. Permits will be sold on-line. 
  • (7.2) The person in whose name a parking permit is issued will be held responsible for all citations displaying that permit.
    • (7.2.1) A notice of violation is not excused on the plea that another person was driving the vehicle or using the permit at the time the vehicle was cited. 
    • (7.2.2) In the event that your permit is lost or stolen you will need to report this immediately to the Parking Services. Failure to report a lost or stolen permit will result in responsibility for all fines assessed against the permit until such time the permit lost or stolen was reported to the Parking Services.  
    • (7.2.3) We reserve the right to collect parking fines and fees from the registered owner and/or the student. 
  • (7.3) A permit itself is no guarantee of a parking space near the place where one works, resides, or attends class. 
  • (7.4) The face of a permit must be clearly visible (readable) from the front of the vehicle and properly displayed to be honored (permit is not to be obscured by window tinting or sunshield). 
  • (7.5) Stickers must be permanently affixed to the lower front windshield on the passenger side of the vehicle. Sticker permits are not to be altered or affixed to anything but the vehicle windshield. Stickers cannot be made into a hang tag or taped to anything but the vehicle windshield by the adhesive attached to the permit. Any deviation from the above placement or any modification of a permit display must be authorized by the UNTD Police Coordinator. 
  • (7.6) First time registration for Faculty/Staff takes place at Parking Services. This registration will not be completed until all outstanding citations have been paid. 
  • (7.7) Faculty and Staff are not eligible for permit renewal if they have outstanding unpaid citations. Students are not eligible to purchase permits if they have outstanding unpaid citations. 

Permit Classifications (8.0)

  • (8.1) Faculty/Staff Permit: This permit is for faculty/staff and non-UNTD employees working on campus in support of UNTD operations.
    • (8.1.1) Reserved is for UNTD full-time Faculty/Staff only, sold online, first come first served basis.  
  • (8.2) Student Permit: This permit is for students at UNTD.  
  • (8.3) Denton Campus/UNTHSC Parking Permits: A valid Denton Campus or UNTHSC parking permit is honored at UNTD. 
  • (8.4) Parking is available to persons who have handicap license plates or a State approved handicap hang–tag AND a valid UNTD parking in all handicap spaces.
    • (8.4.1) If cited for failure to display appropriate handicapped permit/plate but is shown to the Parking Services staff the same business day the citation was issued, upon receipt of an $18.00 service charge the citation will be voided. 
    • (8.4.2) Disabled Veteran: these spaces are reserved for disabled veterans, only, with proper tag, and issued at no cost. Veterans are required to show proof of disabled status.  
  • (8.5) Temporary Permits 
    • (8.5.1) These permits are available for a period of time not to exceed two weeks and may be issued by the university Parking Services. 
    • (8.5.2) A charge of $5.00 (one day), $20.00 (one week) or $35.00 for 2 weeks fee is assessed for students, faculty, and staff members who have purchased or been issued a valid parking permit for the current semester. 
    • (8.5.3) A $35.00 (two week) or $20.00 (one week) or $5.00 (one day) fee is assessed for persons who do not currently hold a valid parking permit. 
  • (8.6) Clients and Conference/Workshop Attendees: Those attending a conference or workshop should contact the Parking Services at (972) 780–3009.  These permits are $5.00 per day, $20.00 per week or $35.00 for 2 weeks. 

Parking Fees (9.0)

  • (9.1) Permit Fees, Replacement Permits, Late Charges and Collection Efforts, Information Concerning Impounds
, Revocation of Parking Privileges, Citation Fees Permit Fees 

Permit Types and Fee

Faculty/Staff Annual--$122.00

Fall Only--$64.00

Resident Annual--$172.00

Reserved Parking Annual--$262.00

Spring Only--$64.00

Student Annual--$122.00

Summer Only--$64.00


Motorcycles and Bicycles are not required to have a parking permit at the UNT Dallas campus.

  • (9.2) Replacement Permits
    • (9.2.1) A lost or stolen permit must be reported to the Parking Services immediately. Any citations received on the permit are the responsibility of the permit holder until a report is on file in the Parking Services. Replacement permits will be issued for $25.00.
    • (9.2.2) If a vehicle has been sold, traded, or a windshield has been replaced, the sticker must be removed and remnants returned to the Parking Services to avoid replacement of permit for $25.00. 
  • (9.3) Late charges and Collection Efforts 
    • (9.3.1) Late charges are assessed at $25.00 for each citation that remains unpaid after ten (10) calendar days from the date of which the citation was issued and placed on the windshield. (Late fees will not be removed once the fee has been added.) 
    • (9.3.2) Citations associated to a student that have not been paid and have accrued a late fee shall be sent to Student Accounting for collection. 
    • (9.3.3) UNTD reserves the right to refer any/all parking citations and their late fees to a Collection Agency after attempting to collect from the registered owner via U.S. Mail. 
  • (9.4) Parking Fees and Concerning Impounds: A vehicle may be subject to impoundment for any of the following circumstances: 
    • (9.4.1) After accumulating three (3) past due citations
    • (9.4.2) Flagrant violation of parking rules
    • (9.4.3) No identifying numbers visible on the vehicle
    • (9.4.4) For any other reason authorized by law. A booting or towing fee in addition to any applicable violation fees will be charged to the owner of a vehicle that has been booted or towed. Payment in full is required for all outstanding violations and fees prior to the release of a booted/impounded vehicle. Payment cannot be sent to student's records. Storage fees will be accrued starting from the 11th day after impoundment and the vehicle may be disposed of, in accordance with State law.
    • ( Boot Fee: $100.00*
    • ( Fee: $125.00*
    • ( Storage Fees: $15.00 per day*

*These fees are in addition to any citations issued. Any unauthorized tampering/removal of a boot/towing device may result in criminal prosecution.

  • (9.5) The UNTD Police Chief may revoke an individual's privilege to park on campus for: 
    • (9.5.1) Accumulating ten (10) or more citations, paid or unpaid, during an academic year. 
    • (9.5.2) Accumulating three (3) or more citations for failure to display a valid permit during an academic year. 
    • (9.5.3) Committing a criminal act relating to university parking regulations. 
    • (9.5.4) Any other reason authorized by law. 
  • (9.6) Parking Fees and Citation Fees 
Fee Offense
$10.00 Roller–blading or skateboarding on sidewalks or areas prohibited by signs.
$10.00 Riding bicycles on campus during prohibited times/zones.
$25.00 Parking permit or permit number not clearly visible, properly affixed, or attached in the wrong place on the vehicle.
$25.00 Parked in any area NOT designated for parking by regulations, signs, or markings such as grass, vacant lots, sidewalks and construction areas.
$25.00 Parked in an area NOT designated for permit.
$25.00 Parked in any area marked as a "Tow Away" zone.
$25.00 Vehicle not completely in one (1) parking space as defined by parallel stripes, wheel stop, or parking meter.
$25.00 Exceeding the speed limit on campus parking lots.
$25.00 Failure to yield the "Right of Way" to pedestrian traffic on campus property.
$25.00 Failure to observe and heed authorized signs or devices such as stop signs, yield signs, barricades or signs controlling access to areas of campus.
$25.00 Parking a motor home, trailer, boat or any other vehicle for habitation and/or overnight storage without prior approval.
$25.00 Parking in area controlled by signs or markings with the wrong permit for the designated area.
$30.00 Parked in an area designated as "No Parking" by signs or markings such as yellow curbs, ends of marked parking isles, and fire zones.
$30.00 Motor vehicle or bicycle parked and/or secured in such a manner as to OBSTRUCT traffic, either vehicular or pedestrian.
$35.00 Parking in area controlled by signs or markings without a valid permit displayed.
$25.00 Speeding on campus roads or lots.
$35.00 Violation of traffic laws such as inspection, registration, or other law.
$100.00 Vehicle immobilization removal fee.
$100.00 Parked in such a manner as to obstruct clear access to disabled ramps or other special access.
$250.00 Use of a permit that has been altered in any manner or fashion or copied.
$250.00 False reporting of a lost/stolen permit, use of a permit reported lost or stolen to the Parking Services or not returning a lost/found permit when found.
$250.00 Parking in a disabled space without proper identification and/or permit and/or permit and misuse of a disability permit.

Parking Payment and Appeals (10.0)

  • (10.1) Payment Procedures, 
Parking Appeals
, Warnings, Payment Procedures
    • (10.1.1) After receiving a citation, payment must be made before the 11th calendar day from the date of issuance to avoid a late fee of $25.00. Unpaid citations could result in impoundment, blocking of student accounts, and revocation of parking privileges. 
    • (10.1.2) Impounded vehicles may be released through the Student Financial Services via cash, credit/debit card or if a UNTD staff, faculty or student, by personal check. If payment is made outside of Student Financial Services business hours, payment may be made only via money order through the UNTD Police office. 
    • (10.1.3) Citations which have been sent to Student Financial Services may be paid through that department, on–line via a ‘my.unt’ account, or in person at Student Financial Services. 
  • (10.2) Parking Payment and Appeals
 Parking Appeals 
    • (10.2.1) If a person receives a notice of violation and believes it to be unjustified, he/she may file a written appeal on an appeal form within 10 calendar days.
    • (10.2.2) The parking appeals process applies to university parking violations only. City of Dallas parking and traffic citations must be cleared through the City of Dallas Customer Service Payment Center, Dallas, Texas, on or before the time and date stated on the citation. 
    • (10.2.3) Citations which cause a vehicle to be impounded may be appealed through the normal appeal process, but must be paid before the vehicle is released. 
  • (10.3) Parking Payment and Appeals
    • (10.3.1) Visitors to the university are entitled to a warning on the first ticket issued. Exceptions are: yellow curbs, tow away zones, fire lanes, and handicap space violations. To resolve a citation, a visitor must bring the citation, along with a valid I.D. to Parking Services within ten calendar days of issuance. 
    • (10.3.2) UNTD staff and faculty with a valid permit may have one citation for “No Permit” per year changed into a warning. To exercise this option the citation must be brought in to Parking Services within ten days of issuance. 

Information Concerning the University Police (11.0)

  • (11.1) A police dispatcher is on duty 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and university police are available to assist any UNTD student, faculty, or staff member at any time while on campus. The emergency phone number for on-campus phones is 911.
Non–emergency phone number for the University Police Department is (972) 780–3009. Off–campus emergencies should be routed through the Dallas Police Department. Call 911 or (214) 671-4500. Emergency telephones are conveniently located in high pedestrian areas on campus to accommodate emergencies as well as other police services, such as motorist assistance or security escort. These phones provide direct, no–dial communications with the police dispatcher. Citations may be paid in person at Police and Parking Services. Payments will be accepted by cash, check, debit or credit cards, or money orders. Citations can be paid online or in office.