JagAlert Emergency Notification

UNT Dallas maintains an emergency alert system with different methods of notification, all of which follow under the single title of “Jaguar Alert System” (JAS). Those methods of notification include primary and second means of issuing emergency communications:

University Website
Voiceover Fire Alarm
Press Release/Press Conference
Social Media

Regardless of which methods are utilized, to the recipient, all official announcements of emergency and warning will come under the above title, followed by a short description of the event in the subject line (example: Jaguar Alert: Tornado Warning).

UNT Dallas maintains the use of the JAS through the BlackBoard Connect-Ed emergency notification software. All faculty, staff and students of UNT Dallas are notified at numbers and e-mail addresses entered at the time of employment or registration. Faculty, staff and students have the ability to edit and are responsible for maintaining their contact information using myUNTDallas.

Emergency communication will take place through both “primary” and “secondary” channels, based on the speed at which the message needs to be communicated, as well as the intended audience. Most students, however, will receive notices through the JAS via phone, cell phone, SMS/Text Message, and e-mail.

Jaguar Alerts will notify students of the type of emergency, location, time, and what actions should be taken.

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