ID Badge Access Request

Proprietary Statement

All locks, keys, electronic access cards (ID cards) and systems are the sole property of University of North Texas at Dallas. The University reserves the right to change locks, keys and access levels as needed. No one may place a lock on any university facility, interior or exterior, without the permission of the UNTD police and facilities department. All keys and access control cards (ID cards) must be returned to the university upon termination of employment or enrollment as a student. 

How to Request ID/Badge Access:

ID Access Request Form 

(click the above link)

1. Fill out the ID Access Request form to request access to buildings and rooms. 

2. Obtain the appropriate signatures from a department head or controlling department. 

3. Submit the form to or bring to the UNT Dallas Police and Parking window. 

4. Once your request has been received, please allow up to 24 hours for access to be granted. 

Please Remember: 

  • ID Badge/Card access requests are processed Monday thru Friday excluding emergencies. If this is an emergency request, please contact Police at 972-780-3009 or email Emergencies include: Termination of a disgruntled employee access to labs which house animals or time-sensitive experiments 
  • Cards that have not been used within the last 365 days will automatically expire 

More Information

Electronic Access / ID Cards:

  • All faculty, staff and students will be issued an ID card by the IT Department at UNT Dallas.
  • The card will also serve as your official form of identification at the university.
  • Decisions regarding access to different campus buildings are decided in cooperation with the UNT Dallas Police and Parking Department and the requesting parties.
  • UNTD reserves the right to change access levels and deny access to facilities based upon security issues.
  • Upon termination of a relationship with the university, employees and students must return their IDs to the HR office, UNTD Police and Parking or the department supervisor.

Faculty and Staff:

  • Faculty and staff may be issued electronic access to university facilities based upon the need and subject to approval from the appropriate department supervisor, director/manager or HR.
  • Requests must be submitted by using the ID Access Request Form. All requests are subject to final approval from the UNTD Police and Parking.
  • Non-university personnel, vendors and contractors will not be issued access badges/ID on a permanent basis. Visitors/Vendors may be issued a temporary visitors ID badge that will contain and expiration date.


  • All on-campus students residing in a residential facility will be issued ID access to their unit and/or room at the beginning of the academic school year for the fall semester or for those starting in the spring semester.
  • ID badge access for campus facilities, employment reasons, participation in certain organizations or other possible legitimate purposes must be authorized by the responsible faculty member or department head.
  • The authorizing party and key user both share responsibility for the issuance, use and return of these keys.
  • It is not the practice of the University to issue master level keys to students unless they are using the keys as part of their employment or other legitimate purpose and returning them after each use.

Lost or Stolen Keys:

  • All lost or stolen keys must be promptly reported to the UNTD Police and Parking department
  • Requests to replace lost or stolen ID badges must be made through the IT department.
  • Information must be reported on the facts surrounding the loss; in particular, the location of the loss, whether or not there were any UNTD identifiers attached to the ID, and the area the key accessed.
  • Based on the factors involved the UNTD Police and Parking will make a decision to replace the ID

Loaning ID Access Control Cards:

  • Faculty, staff, and students may not loan or transfer assigned keys or access control ID cards.
  • Anyone found in the possession of another’s keys or card are subject to having the items confiscated by the UNT Dallas Police and Parking or HR.

Who can grant access to a badge?

  • Police and Parking faculty/staff may grant access to an ID badge.

What happens if my card stops working?

  • Please contact Parking and Police at 972-780-3009 or visit the window at the Parking office located in Founder’s Hall Rm 131.
  • You may also contact the IT Helpdesk to determine if you need a new badge.

What do I do with my badge if I am ever not with UNTD?

  • Once affiliation with the UNTD has ended, please return all ID/Access badges into the UNTD Police and Parking department, your department supervisor or the HR team. Many departments request a check out form before exit to the university approved. This will include a section and instruction for an ID/Access badge to be returned. All ID/Access cards must be returned regardless of what department you prefer to submit it to.

What happens if I lose my ID Badge?

  • If your UNTD ID is lost or stolen, please deactivate it immediately to prevent fraudulent use. In order to deactivate your card, please contact or call 972-780-3022. In the event your ID is located you will be able to re-activate it by submitting a request to the UNTD Police and Parking department.

Where can I find my ID Card/Badge Number?

  • It is located on the back of your ID Badge bottom right hand corner.