Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a parking permit?

All UNT Dallas students, faculty and staff must have a current parking permit to park their car on campus. Visitors and guests will be allowed to park free. Guests and visitors to the campus are defined as anyone who is not enrolled in classes or works for the university, and who is NOT otherwise affiliated with the university in any way. Visitors are encouraged to park in the spaces designated “Visitor Permit Required.”  A visitors parking permit may be obtained from Parking Services in suite #131 of Founder's Hall, or at the Information Center booth in the main drive.

I have a rental car/am using another car – how do I transfer my parking permit so I don’t get a citation?

UNT Dallas parking permits are made of a cling material rather than a permanent sticky material. That way, you can easily switch them between cars. Please be sure that the license plates of all cars you use are registered in your account through the Parking Portal. Please remember that there is no sharing of permits – one permit per person.

Where do I go to purchase a parking permit?

Permits can be purchased online at

In person at: 7400 University Hills Blvd, Founders Hall, Suite 131, Dallas, TX 75241.

I logged onto the Parking Portal but I cannot buy a permit/cannot buy the permit I want – what do I do?

Please call us at (972) 780-3022, email us at or visit our office from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm Monday through Friday. In some instances, your profile may need to be updated for allowing you to buy a specific permit.

I ordered my permit nearly a month ago and it hasn’t come yet – what do I do?

If you haven’t received your permit within 30 days of the date of purchase, please contact the parking office at (972) 780-3022. You may have to come into our office to receive a new permit.

For those who are ordering permits for immediate use, you will have an option to print a temporary parking permit (PDF) in your Parking Portal account. This is typically valid for up to 30 days. If you do not receive your permit after 30 days, please call us or visit our office in Founders Hall, suite 131.