Emergency Management Plan

Emergency Preparedness

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UNT Dallas is committed to fostering a learner-centered environment governed by the shared values of virtue, civility, reasoning and accountability and, like all universities, to protecting the health and well-being of its faculty, staff and students.

For this reason, the Vice President for Finance and Administration and the Emergency Management Plan Task Force has developed the UNT Dallas Emergency Management Plan. The plan is constructed to mitigate, prepare for, and respond to emergencies, as well as to minimize the impact of natural and human-caused crises, should they occur. The management practices contained in the plan have the potential to speed recovery, as well.
The plan was developed by a diverse group of administrators, law enforcement officers, faculty, student services, communications professionals, and representatives from partner organizations, such as the City of Dallas. Each of the Task Force members have contributed to the plan their unique perspectives and experiences.

The Emergency Management Plan contains descriptions of an Emergency Management Group, hazard and threat summary, responses to various crises, and emergency notification procedures to be used in the event of a crisis. The plan also sets forth requirements for training employees and students and testing the plan regularly. 
By working together to understand and implement this plan prior to an emergency, and through periodic testing of our emergency procedures, we will be better prepared to deal with the challenges emergency situations present to universities like ours. Each departmental manager is responsible for communicating with employees to ensure their understanding of emergency procedures. Employees should also assume responsibility for seeking answers to questions related to emergency preparedness. The plan requires the designation of Floor Monitors and Building Emergency Coordinators who will be intimately familiar with the plan.
The timing of emergency situations is unpredictable, but members of the UNT Dallas learning community can better prepare for times of crisis by keeping their JAGUAR ALERT contact information current at my.untdallas.edu. Additionally, faculty, staff and students should develop their own personal or family emergency plans and keep them up to date. Knowing how to respond in a time of crisis is important for both the University and individuals.

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