Criminal Trespass Warning Appeal

Appeal Process

The UNT Dallas Police Department provides a person who received a Criminal Trespass Warning an opportunity to appeal the Warning. The appeal process affords an impartial review of the facts and circumstances giving rise to the Warning. After reviewing all the information provided during the appeal, the reviewing official will either reverse or uphold the Warning.

If you wish to appeal a Criminal Trespass Warning, you must use the following process (no appeals may be made in person or via phone):

·         Download and print a copy of the Criminal Trespass Warning Appeal Form (Right-click and select 'Save Link As').

·         You can also obtain an appeal form at the UNT Dallas Police Department (see address below).

·         The written appeal should include an explanation of why the Warning should be lifted, your need to be on property owned or controlled by the UNT Dallas, and any other information that you want the appeal officer to consider.

·         Sign the appeal form and send it along with any supporting documents to the following address.

UNT Dallas Police Dept.
Attn: Appeal Officer
7400 University Hills Blvd. 
Dallas, TX 75241-4600

You can also email the signed form to

·         Upon receipt of the form, a senior administrative official appointed by the Chief of Police will review the case and any supporting documentation and issue an appellate decision. If the Criminal Trespass Warning is lifted or modified, you may return to UNT Dallas Property consistent with the instructions provided within the written appeal decision. If the Criminal Trespass Warning remains in place, you may not return to UNT Dallas Property.

A response will typically be given in 10 business days from the date the appeal was received.