Campus Safety

It is the policy of UNT Dallas to provide an environment conducive to an educational mission; thus any conduct that is prohibited by state, federal, or local law is subject to discipline under the provisions of UNT Dallas policies, as appropriate. The University monitors and reports to area law enforcement agencies any illegal conduct of students, faculty, or staff on university premises or off-campus locations. In addition, University officials may refer any evidence of illegal activities to the proper local, state, or federal authorities for review and potential prosecution.

Access to Campus Facilities

UNT Dallas is an open campus and public streets run though the areas. However, access to the campus and University facilities is controlled by written policy and state law. Only authorized students, faculty, staff, and visitors may enter upon or use University facilities. Unauthorized persons, once identified, are asked to leave the campus. Those persons failing to comply with policy, directives, or state law can be prosecuted for trespassing.

Security of Campus Facilities

Campus police and/or security officers regularly patrol the grounds and buildings at UNT Dallas. Facilities personnel maintain University facilities with a concern for safety and security. Lighting surveys are conducted on a regular basis to spot any lighting concerns or areas in need of repair. In addition, defective lighting conditions are reported as detected by building service personnel, police and security officers.

University Law Enforcement

UNT police officers (located at UNT Dallas) are certified by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE). Campus police jurisdiction includes the UNT Dallas campus. Police officers are empowered by the state and have authority to stop vehicles, make arrests, and enforce all laws throughout Denton, Tarrant, and Dallas counties. The UNT Police Department maintains liaison with other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies in support of campus security and safety efforts.

Safety and Security Programs

Security Escort Services:  Campus police provide security escort services for the UNT Dallas community. The service is available during the evening/night hours (after dark), but is limited to on-campus locations. Call (972) 780-3000 or use an emergency phone to request an escort.

Emergency Phones: Emergency phones have been placed at strategic locations across campus. When the emergency button is pushed, the location of the call is automatically identified and the caller is connected to the police department. Individuals with hearing impairments should dial (800) RELAY TX (TTY).

Motorist Assistance: Campus police assist the University community when individuals are unable to start their vehicles, retrieve locked keys, etc. Some services are not available at all times, but campus police will assist people to obtain services from another source.

Crime Prevention Programs:  Programs designed to make community members aware of campus police and security procedures, and crime prevention efforts, and to encourage individual involvement in personal safety are regularly conducted on the campus of UNT Dallas. Programs are provided each semester and are available through the campus police, Office of Student Life & Success, Human Resources Department, Counseling Clinic, and other departments that coordinate activities on campus. Crime awareness programs are also part of freshman and new employee orientations. Prevention programs include:

  • Personal Safety/Self Defense 
  • Theft Prevention 
  • Safety and Security in the Workplace
  • Emergency Preparedness 
  • Alcohol Abuse and Binge Drinking